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Reds regularly creates Marketing Tips for users who would like to increase, and perfect their marketing campaigns.

Why are branded promotional gifts and clothing so popular?

Branded promotion gifts and clothing are popular for several reasons: Brand visibility: Branded promotional items serve as a mobile advertisement for a company or brand. When people wear or use these items, they act as walking billboards, spreading awareness and increasing visibility for the brand. Positive association: By giving away promotional items, companies aim to create a positive association with their brand. When recipients receive useful or attractive items, they are more likely to have a favourable perception of the brand and feel grateful for the gift. Customer loyalty: Promotional gifts can help foster customer loyalty. By rewarding customers with branded items, companies can strengthen their relationship with existing customers and encourage repeat business. The act of giving a gift can also generate a sense of reciprocity, making customers more likely to choose that brand over competitors. Brand recognition: Branded promotional items help build brand recognition and reinforce brand identity. When people see a company logo or slogan repeatedly on promotional products, it increases their familiarity with the brand, making it more likely that they will remember and recognize it in the future. Cost-effective marketing: Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as TV or print ads, branded promotional items can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. They often have a longer lifespan, providing ongoing exposure for the brand, and can reach a wider audience through their recipients. Tangible and useful: Promotional items are physical objects that people can touch and use in their daily lives. Whether it’s a branded pen, t-shirt, or...

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Why you should brand your jackets

Branded jackets are a great way to promote your brand and create a positive sentiment among your target audience. Jackets are useful and versatile products that can be worn by people of all ages and gender. They are also a perfect choice for outdoor events, sports activities, and corporate gatherings. When people wear jackets with your brand logo on them, they become walking billboards for your brand, helping to increase brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. Additionally, branded jackets help to create a sense of unity and belonging among employees, students, or members of a group. Overall, branded jackets are an excellent investment for any business looking to enhance their brand’s visibility and reputation, while providing practical and stylish clothing for their customers or employees. 86% of consumers have a positive sentiment towards an advertiser, once receiving a branded jacket.67% of consumers own branded jackets95% recall the advertiser's name6100 impressions throughout its lifetime42% of women wear their branded jacket at least once a weekBranded jackets are kept on average for 16 months68% of recipients are likely to give their branded jacket to someone else, once they have done with it, generating even more impressions down the line. So for all your branding requirements, contact the experts at Red's Advertising!

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Outdoor Advertising & Signage

Outdoor is often part of a brand’s multi-media communication strategy, incorporating most candidate media. Outdoor is able to play an integral role in the media plan, by using the following: • Banners and flags • Billboards • Vehicle curtains • Vehicle signage from small decals to full vehicle graphics • Building wraps • Construction wraps The Role of Outdoor Advertising The rationale for the use of the medium ranges from cost-effectiveness to optimal reach to unparalleled frequency. It is able to draw huge audiences, at a fraction of the cost of other media. The reach of Outdoor advertising compares favourably with other media (Billboards last 4 -8 months). Fashion advertising on billboards is used very effectively to create awareness and increase sales. On average, a person travelling on the road will see your billboard for about three seconds. The message should be short and to the point with more on images than on text. The text must be written on the billboard large enough to be read easily. The latest technology now available is such that one can create incredibly eye-catching advertisements. Placement is extremely crucial to the success of the campaign. The human eye will rapidly fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time and avoid boredom. Thus said, positioning ads at bus stops, busy intersections and/or along highways prone to high volume can be ingenious. This can be a big advantage when you have a business you want to draw traffic to right off a particular highway...

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The Importance of a Logo and Marketing Materials

The initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes new small business owners to put off designing a logo and marketing materials professionally "until they get a few clients" or "until they get started." Unfortunately, designing their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses instead of having them professionally created will make getting those initial clients more difficult and may result in a business that will not succeed. Many entrepreneurs choose to design their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses, especially by creating their first business card. Or sometimes they will have an amateur designer, friend, or relative create the design. There are several reasons why this is not the best idea. An amateur logo design and business card can make your business more likely to fail for a number of reasons. Your business will not look stable.  It will appear to be more likely to fold or to fail. Clients will not have confidence in doing business with you. Would you do business with someone who seems to be on an unstable footing and who might not be in business by the end of your project or after you have purchased an item? You will look like a very small business.  Large, successful businesses would never consider doing business without professional, originally designed marketing materials. Using materials that are not professionally designed (i.e., Microsoft or Vistaprint templates) makes your business appear even smaller and can possibly indicate that you cannot perform to or meet the standards...

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Product Labels your 'silent salesperson'

Reds Advertising designs labels or tags that will give buyers the relevant information to make the decision to purchase your product. If the label jumps out with an attractive look it will grab your attention and with clear and concise information it makes the decision to buy your product that much easier. Labels also help to build the brand and position the product into the market. The design of the label can materially affect its level of preference by offering cues to the consumer such as the quality of the product. A strong company name will often transfer powerful associations to new products such as 3M, Sony and Kellogg's. The label should make a spontaneous response to words that come to mind when shown. Consumers interpret scenes in which a brand plays a role. The culture conveyed by the brand core, its personality and its self-projection all comes into play when the consumer looks at your label. The label on the product should be incorporated in the brand themes and effective selling, advertising and promotional campaigns will communicate the brand's function and psychological values, trigger trial and reinforce commitment. The label as a silent salesperson can effectively enter new market segments and increase brand usage. The easiest and normally cheapest way to improve sales is to repackage your product that will attract the consumer's attention. This also repositions your product and brand in the market thereby improving market share. With new narrow web technology, lithographic, letterpress, flexographic printing and ink manufacturing...

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Why Sponsorship has rewards for both business and society

A committed and well-managed approach to sponsorship results in vast and multifaceted long term benefits and rewards. The following benefits are unique to sponsorship: FlexibilitySponsorship positions your company with your target market's interest and is responsive to their preferences, lifestyles and attitudes. This is achieved because sponsorship allows for niche marketing.Many events and activities enable different sponsorships and can be selected to fit requirements. The opportunity to connect with consumers on a one-to-one by associating the brand or company with the qualities of the event is utilized. Brand EquityThe qualities of a sponsored event, through association, can expand, reinforce or even alter brand personalities traits. Sponsorship can serve as an important branding vehicle and is a unique way of generating brand loyalty and long term corporate awareness. Media ExposureSponsorship is the only form of marketing communication where the message does not compete with other promotional clutter.It can extend the ad campaign by creating a dynamic, interactive environment that makes the key message more relevant and persuasive. Cost-effectivenessSponsorship provides coverage and brand awareness at a more favorable rate than traditional advertising. It adds value and incorporates public relations and social responsibility programmes. Industrial Labour RelationsThe morale of staff is influenced by your company reputation and image. Open DoorsCorporate hospitality, reputation and a good corporate image can enhance its ability o do business with local and national governments. This produces access that otherwise would be costly and difficult to achieve. Cross All FrontiersSponsorship is global and crosses all barriers of bureaucracy, national prejudice...

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How to select a Sponsorship

Selection criteria consist of factors having a direct bearing on the choice of event. This is developed from sponsorship objectives and will depend on the needs of the company.The following are common sponsorship objectives: Corporate:* Increase or maintain awareness* Enhance or change a corporate image* Change target market perceptions or attitudes* Develop community involvement* Build business or trade relations* Enhance staff relations and motivation* Build goodwill among customers, business contacts and key influencers Product/Brand* Increase sales/market share* Increase target market awareness* Identify/build product image* Strengthen brand preference Selection CriteriaTarget Market CoverageThe event must reach the target market. Detailed information in terms of both the event and audience should be gathered. Also, investigate the degree of reach. Projections based on similar events can be used to determine coverage and the required transmission time. Timing /seasonalityConsider corporate marketing needs, product seasonality and other communication strategies. Establish that the event does not clash with another major or other events - as media coverage may then only consist of a few minutes or column centimetres. Competitor ActivityInvestigate competitor sponsorship involvement. If deciding to sponsor a similar event ensure that the event is high profile enough to dominate. Communication FactorsConsider the 'type' of sponsorship available, as different messages are conveyed and different communication strategies are required by different sponsorship types. Event ProfileInvestigate the history of the event and previous sponsors. Ascertain whether the created equity can be displaced in the target market. Potential Media ExposureTake the level of media exposure through on-site branding at the event...

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Sponsorship - an existing event versus creating your own event

The difference between a mediocre and successful sponsorship lies in the leverage of sponsorship. Maximizing visibility through creative and imaginative exploitation can maximize coverage and awareness and optimize the return on investment. An Existing EventThe success of an existing event depends on the skills and experience of the organizer. The following questions should be asked;* Who is responsible for event promotion?* Will it draw spectators?* How can attendance be maximized?* Are rights fees and admin costs understood?* What budget is set for sponsorship leverage? There are a few strategic considerations in selecting an existing event.* Will there be any other sponsors besides yourself and at what level of involvement?* What are the rights allocated to other sponsors and how does it differ from yours?* Did the other sponsors gain rights proportionate with their payments?* How was the price determined?* Are the other sponsor's businesses compatible with yours?* Ensure visibility of your brand if the event is cluttered.* Identify the opportunities of hospitality.* Can the brand association dilute and overpower the brand association developed by a previous sponsor? Creating your own eventCareful control is needed when creating your own event.Some areas to consider;* Positioning statement that is branding the image* Hospitality - how your customers and VIP guests are treated* Number and type of sponsors* Event quality Creating your own event involves risk and advice from lawyers, insurance professionals are required. Broadcast sponsorship provides the best coverage over the widest possible audience.Take the following into consideration when considering broadcast sponsorship* Market coverage...

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Direct Marketing

How to use a data listing for a direct mail campaignYou can start your search for a list broker by looking in your local Yellow Pages. Check out their references carefully before getting involved. You're using your customers as templates for additional prospects. Depending on your product line, you might focus on postal codes, on subscribers to a particular magazine, sometimes on income (Sandton) or the youth (Schools/Technikons). List brokers have access to many thousands of lists. You'll pay up to ±R1300 per thousand names on a list, depending on the complexity of the list (i.e., if you want not only name and address but other demographic data). Brokers typically have a very thorough understanding of their lists and can give you insights into the best list for your use. The more you know about your current customers, the better use you'll be able to make of your list broker's experience. You don't buy lists – you rent them, usually for a single-time usage. If you want to send a second mailing later to the same list, that's another charge. If you know you'll be sending a series of mailings to a given list, mention this upfront for a cumulative rate. You can't simply fold these names into your database of customers. Not only would it be illegal and wrong, but you'd also get caught. Every list is "salted" with "ringers," names that aren't real but simply serve to give away any mailing done to the list. If the list broker's...

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Why Direct Marketing is Accountable Advertising

Direct marketing is an interactive system of marketing designed to create and keep customers by developing long term, personal relationships with each other through increasingly relevant products or services. Direct marketing is designed to:* solicit and close a sale* to generate interest* and to motivate a store visit. Methods of coding and tracking can lead you back to the advertising source. The final return can be calculated to the last cent. No other activity with the exception of personal selling can be measured this thoroughly. The advantages of direct marketing are:* Accountable advertising - each rand is accountable for* Added-value advertising - increases sales, creates awareness and builds brands* Answer back advertising - feedback* Allegiance advertising - communication builds loyalty* Appropriate advertising - relevant* Action advertising - provokes an action* Automated advertising - personal or direct The most cost-effective type of direct marketing activities are:Mailshot - personalized to the client with specific items that will create a desire for the need to purchase.Statement stuffers -DL leaflets inserted with the clients' statement.Inserts - effective in magazines that have a specific target audience.Telemarketing - effective but the most expensive form of direct marketing.Internet - effective and getting better all the time as the security for credit card purchases improves. There are four variables for ultimate success:Target marketResearch is needed to determine who is the target market and what their needs are. Accurate targeting makes direct marketing powerful and effective as it ensures efficient use of the advertising budget. Should be analyzed in tradition...

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