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Traditional advertising expensive.
Digital advertising inexpensive.

Reds Digital Marketing strategy will get you sales. Reds is based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.
How we go about this is firstly, Reds Digital Marketing will devise your digital media strategy to obtain direct sales from your website. Secondly, we will create a social media plan that includes
SEO, email campaigns, Facebooks ads, Google ads, Twitter tweets, Linkedin posts and articles.

Most importantly, the reasons why a Reds digital media strategy is imperative, is that its less expensive and more effective than traditional marketing are:

  • For instance, when your budget is small the high cost of print, radio and TV and outdoor advertising are out of the window as a preferred medium for promoting your products and services.
  • Traditional advertising  is exceedingly difficult to measure effectiveness and value for money – bang for the buck spent.
  • Press and mass advertising is only really justified if your company has very deep pockets and is intent on enhancing brand recognition. Major consumer brand advertising will always be undertaken for this purpose.

Phone Gavin Redman 083 9695976, Director Reds Advertising,
now for more detail on how to develop your own
Reds Digital Marketing Strategy,

2. Why Deploy a Reds digital marketing strategy?

Maximise your ad spend and achieve your ROI

  • With minimal cost to post your message or advertise on social media, thereby having far superior targeting of your customers/potential customers.
  • Don’t spend your well-earned Rand on reaching consumers/ businesses who will never buy your product or use your service.
  • Get far better analytics, in addition assess true value of your Rand spent.
  • Maximise bang for buck.
  • Weave your story through the various digital marketing channels, enhancing response rates: Facebook
  • Reds will create your ads/posts with content for maximum reach to attract, convert and inform new clients. By showing your services and products you will also retain old clients : Linkedin article
  • Above all, use Reds Digital Marketing strategy to get more sales

3. Developing an effective Reds digital marketing strategy

What we can do for you to get more sales

  • Pull all strands together to create an effective and sustainable digital marketing strategy. Use various mediums/channels to monitor and analyse results, then tweak them to maximise effectiveness of money spent.
  • As a result, the ads we create for you will have content for maximum reach to attract, convert and inform new and old clients by showing your services and products.
  • In addition, our team of web designers will analyse your website and ensure it’s been optimised correctly with keyword focus and meta tag description.
  • Your time is valuable let the experts manage this for you at minimal cost.

-In conclusion, maximum effectiveness, minimal cost, your valuable time preserved.

Reds Digital Marketing Strategy will certainly help you develop an effective digital marketing plan to implement with relevant SEO, email campaigns and social media adverts or posts.

We will also provide you with clear and meaningful analytics allowing you to monitor the effectiveness and your return of investment.

Phone Gavin Redman 083 969 5976, Director Reds Advertising, now for more detail on how to develop your own Reds Digital Marketing Strategy.

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We’ve Got You Covered In Digital Marketing

Brand Design & Strategy

New social media platforms evolving and manipulating the media landscape, us marketers having to adapt to the fluctuations of popularity.


We write relevant copy for all your social media posts, newsletters and adverts. To clarify we aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Social Media Management

Let us handle all your posts, articles, create your mailers and newsletters, send bulk emails with 3 main objectives:

Attract – reach new audiences
Inform – convert to customers
Serve – retain customers

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an underrated marketing tool. For example, a well designed direct marketing email campaign will deliver a precise message to the exact group of existing and/or prospective clients you are targeting, effortlessly and at very little cost.

Website Development

Reds Digital Marketing will design a modern, easy to navigate website. This will include design and creation of web pages, logo designs, content management systems (CMS). The CMS website will be customised in Joomla templates or Word Press, eCommerce, virtual carts and shopping. In addition we handle your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with any YouTube video uploads will be enabled.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Your online presence is potentially the most important customer interaction matrix that you can establish amongst all the advertising mediums available to you. It can provide the richest source of on target prospective customers, at comparatively very little cost, making your company the equal of any competitor.

Audience Analytics

Similary, tracking performance against your social media marketing sales targets help us stay on track and make any tweaks needed to deliver consistently.
To measure performance, we focus on two key areas: firstly, primary key performance indicators (KPIs) and secondary KPIs and Built-In Social Media Analytics.

Reds Marketing Tips Blog

Get great ideas how to strategise your marketing campaigns. We cover all the basic marketing requirements for you to attain your goals and objectives.

Digital Media Pricing and Services

1. Fixed monthly cost

Packages start from R5000 per month plus a once-off set up fee of R1100+Vat, depending on your specific requirements. Contact us today.
Business Plan 2 best option

2. You Decide

Choose the services you need – only pay for what you want. You can choose from our packages, or we can work with you to build a bespoke package.

3. Flexible packages

Worried about changing your mind or wanting to add something later? No problem – you can add or remove services at any time from your pay-monthly package.

Website & SEO Pricing and Services

1. Initial SEO Set Up

Once off set up fee in adding meta tags and descriptions for 10 pages

2. Monthy Maintenance

Maintain website error free

3. Promotions or blog

Adding adverts or posts on website or blog

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