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In order to continually improve website performance as more competitors go online SEO techniques are designed to improve internet promotion of the website, as described in more detail below.

Web Page/s Copy

Website content search engine ranking results improvement based on:

  • Title: Text which displays in the first line of search engine results

  • Meta Description: Short description of your web page which displays online

  • Body Copy: Web-page copy text, images and links

Status Reporting

Measurement and recording of the website performance for the period for:

  • P1 Ranking Results: Showing keywords and web pages in the first 10 search engine results

  • Page Loads: Record of page load activity during the period

  • Search Traffic: Queries used to locate the website, listed in local searches order

Complementary Monitoring Activities

Alerts of website online status consisting of:

  • Website Change: Unexpected changes

  • Website Down: Notification that website is down

  • Search Appearance: Recommended HTML improvements to improve performance


Boost your sales with SEO solutions to market your website and promote your advertised products and services online.

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Your online presence is potentially the most important customer interaction matrix that you can establish amongst all the advertising mediums available to you. It can provide the richest source of ‘on target’ prospective customers, at comparatively very little cost and make your company, no matter your size or market presence, the equal of any competitor.


Internet marketing, website promotion and search engine optimisation (SEO) delivers a website that draws potential customers to your website, and then provides a compelling message that motivates them to engage with you on your advertised offering.

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