Graphic Packaging


Packaging Graphic DesignREDS Advertising will create a design for your packaging and/or labels which will immediately differentiate your product and attract those shoppers looking to make a purchase.

Packaging design and labels with attractive, appealing and colourful graphics will grab the customers’ attention and, with clear and concise data incorporated in the packaging or label, motivate the prospective buyer to make that decision to buy your product.



Packaging Graphic Design

Custom Product LabelsPackaging design and labels help build the brand and position the product in the market. The design of the overall product wrap and/or label can materially affect choice by the consumer in subtly positioning the product top of mind.

A strong company name and/or brand will often transfer across multiple product lines. The packaging design and label should create a spontaneous emotional or intellectual response by way of the association to that company name and/or brand.

Consumers conjure up images and scenes when presented with a brand incorporated on a label. The subliminal message conveyed by the brand, its inherent ‘personality’ and ‘essence’ all come into play when the consumer looks at your product.

Effective selling, advertising and promotional campaigns will communicate the brand’s message and trigger the desire to purchase.


Custom Product Labels

The packaging design and label as a silent salesperson can effectively create new markets and increase brand awareness and consumption. The easiest and often the cost effective way to improve sales is to repackage your product so it will attract the consumer’s attention.

With new narrow web technology, lithographic, letterpress, flexographic printing and injection-mould labelling with ink manufacturing the combination of design and print options to package and present your products and labels are limitless.

REDS Advertising has the experience, skills and design talent to create appealing and eye catching product packaging designs and labels that are totally integrated with your overall brand design parameters.

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