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A well designed logo by REDS Advertising will probably be the single most important facet of your entire advertising and marketing campaign. It must capture the very essence of your business. In a single image it should reflect what you stand for, what you do and serve as a constant reminder to your target market of your professionalism, reliability, product or service quality and commitment. Think of Macdonalds and their big M, or Facebook with their white F on a blue background – both instantly recognisable right round the world.


Company Logo Design

If you do not yet have a logo design for your business or new endeavour, or your existing logo seems to be a bit tired and needs to be energised, REDS Advertising will work with you to define a brief for your new logo, where we gain a full understanding of your requirements and objectives, including any constraints or restrictions, as to the colour schemes, look & feel (e.g. elegant vs. funky, one-dimensional verse two, three or four), specific elements / graphics you would like utilised, sizing, and potential applications. A selection of logos would be produced based on the brief developed during our review. Once a logo has been chosen it is not cast in concrete - adjustments can be made where needed right through to and beyond launch date.

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