Creativity Importance in Advertising

There are many reason why creativity is important in advertising. With good visual effects it will attract the target audience attention that creates interest by establishing feelings of desire to bring about an action to purchase.

  • It is a pillar to build the marketing mix - personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations and sponsorship.
  • It differentiates the 'me too' products by influencing attitudes and feelings to position the brand in preference above a competitors brand.
  • It provides knowledge thereby stimulates thinking
  • It can persuade, be relevant and meaningful
  • It facilitates purchase and trial
  • It creates loyal customers
  • It transforms boring ads to interesting ads
  • Creative ads achieve objectives

The use of colour in your advert adds to production and placement cost, and has been found to be well-worth the increased costs because of:

  • Attention - holding power of the ad increases when colour is used
  • People are conditioned to colour stimuli
  • Products look better - especially food
  • Creates moods
  • Creates an image of prestige
  • Greater message recall

Selecting Colour connotations

  • Red Passion, action, fire, heat, danger, anger
  • Blue Cool, truth, purity, formality, sadness
  • Green Calm, youth, nature, wet, ignorance, immaturity
  • Black Mystery, mourning, death, elegance, heaviness
  • Yellow Light, optimism, cheerfulness, dishonesty
  • Orange Fire, heat, action, harvest, fall
  • White Cleanliness, purity, virginity
  • Silver Diffusive, gentle, touching, soft
  • Brown Earth, dirty, dull, boring, worthy ,unexciting, uncompromising

Some tips on visuals

  • Great illustration is vital - only 4 ads per magazine are read
  • Put story appeal into the illustration
  • Illustration should portray reward
  • To attract woman - show woman and babies
  • To attract men - show men
  • Avoid historical illustrations
  • Use photographs rather than drawings
  • Do not deface illustrations
  • Use spoken style captions
  • Don't use too many illustrations
  • Do not crop important elements

Visual elements of design
The visualisation of the basic theme is extremely important and vital to the success of the advert.

  • The product alone - is the simplest form of visual appeal. No background or setting may prove to have a powerful impact
  • The product with a setting - associates the quality of the product or satisfying and pleasing to use
  • The product in use - demonstration is widely used
  • Dramatisation - attracts users through the illustration of need
  • Explaining product users - show how to use the Stay Soft refills was important to ensure that customer remain satisfied with the brand
  • Featuring product details - good for showing improved benefits
  • Comparison techniques - before and after pictures is powerful
  • Dramatise the headline - assists in strengthening the headline through the effect of visuals on the written word

Print Advertising Ideas
The headline
The headline is the main theme or appeal, it should be a powerful selling message. It performs the task of attracting the attention and should tell the whole story. It is preferable to include the brand name as 80% of readers read no further than the headline. Visuals attract attention, but the headline is the main component, so it must be powerful.

The Copy
The body copy reinforces the headline and delivers the selling message. News copy must be straightforward while implied suggestions can draw conclusions from the facts. Try not to use humorous copy as it does not always sell. Avoid answering competitive questions rather promote your own positives. Slogans if used should be associated with a positive outlook.
If you are doing a direct mail shot don't scrimp on copy, write as much as you want, but create it so that it is user friendly when read and in logical order.

The concept is evaluated and this is usually done by asking the following for the printed ad:

  • is the ad a stopper?
  • is the product the hero?
  • is the ad completely believable?
  • is the ad likeable?
  • is the theme one that will last?

Radio commercial copy

  • is it a stopper?
  • could I hear what was said or sung?
  • did you hear great music?
  • is it simple, to the point and easy to grasp?
  • did you create a favourable image?

TV commercial slogans

  • If you can't show it don't say it
  • it should sail without sound
  • there should be forcible demonstration
  • use one or two BIG ideas - integrity and magic shape
  • state the promise at least twice
  • show the package
  • repeat brand name as often as possible
  • make the product the hero
  • start selling in the first frame
  • the problem - solution - proof method works best
  • be friendly, human and believable
  • use close up shots for impact
  • speech is more persuasive than song
  • make it welcome in the viewers home

Try not to go too overboard in your creativity as a great advert works for a short period while a great campaign has a prolonged effect.

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