Sponsorship - an existing event versus creating your own event

The difference between a mediocre and successful sponsorship lies in the leverage of sponsorship. Maximizing visibility through creative and imaginative exploitation can maximize coverage and awareness and optimize return of investment.

An Existing EventThe success of an existing event depends on the skills and experience of the organizer.

The following questions should be asked;* Who is responsible for event promotion?* Will it draw spectators?* How can attendance be maximized?* Are rights-fees and admin costs understood?* What budget is set for sponsorship leverage?

Their are a few strategic considerations in selecting an existing event.* Will there be any other sponsors besides yourself and at what level of involvement?* What are the rights allocated to other sponsors and how does it differ from yours?* Did the other sponsors gain rights proportionate with their payments?* How was the price determined?* Are the other sponsor's businesses compatible with yours?* Ensure visibility of your brand if the event is cluttered.* Identify the opportunities of hospitality.* Can the brand association dilute and overpower brand association developed by a previous sponsor?

Creating your own eventCareful control is needed when creating your own event.Some areas to consider;* Positioning statement that is branding the image* Hospitality - how your customers and VIP guests are treated* Number and type of sponsors* Event quality

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