PR - public relations and using press-releases for free advertising and publicity

Brief your staff - have a policy, especially for crisis situations.

If you court press attention make sure your staff are aware of your positions and policies. Make someone in charge of press contact ideally, so that other staff are not forced to comment.

All newspapers need press releases to help fill their pages.Local papers particularly need news submitted by the local community or they have to pay more for journalists to go out and get news. Look through your local papers and magazines to spot the PR material submitted by commercial organisations. This will encourage you as to how easy it is to provide 'news' stories for the press.

Local TV and radio are also amenable to PR, but they're a bit more choosy. Nevertheless bear TV, and certainly radio, in mind for anything going on in your business of local interest or 'novelty value'.

Get the local editorial contact names and numbers.

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