Why Exhibitions Are The Most Cost Effective Medium

In the modern age of technology, marketers have been able to utilise completely new mediums of communications, but the value of face to face communication cannot be under estimated. Successful marketers need not only harness technology in order to effectively reach their markets, but also make use of exhibitions. Its a showcase in the hub of business areas, where like-minded people can meet with their peers to share knowledge, discuss new ideas and trends in person with other professionals, and create a forum where buyers can see and feel their products.

A rise in more impersonal forms of marketing, such as internet based approaches, exhibitions become more important than ever as human interaction is what exhibitions deliver more cost effectively than any other marketing medium.Exhibitions are a powerful medium because it specifically targets an audience in one convenient place in which it will attract national and international buyers. It empowers the visitor with the current and future technology trends. Technological convergence and economical necessity, is one of the drivers that dictate time-deprived decision makers who want solutions immediately.

Tips for The ExhibitorTwo factors decisive for exhibition success, a coherent overall concept and the competent implementation of established objectives. The criteria for an effective exhibition stand are;* to stand out from the crowd* to make a statement* to be remembered* to maximise visibility through creative and imaginative exploitation can maximise exposure and awareness for optimal return on the investment.

Specific objectives could include;* To forge new links with buyers and opinion leaders* To create enquires* To demonstrate* To reinforce, enhance or alter brand image* To strengthen image* To create the opportunity for product sampling and trial* To increase and maintain market share* To open new channels of distribution* To gain competitive advantage* To launch new service or product

There are four main steps to create a successful exhibit. The four steps are interrelated with each other and they are;Step 1 ConsultationEstablish objectives for the exhibition and how to implement a strategic plan for the most relevant position and configuration. To propel your company forward through progressive and effective use of all the disciplines in the marketing mix. ( personal sales, sales promotion, advertising, public relations and direct marketing)

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