Business Influence Through Marketing Communications

Communications is the unique tool that marketers use to persuade consumers to act in a desired way. It can be verbal, either written or spoken, it can be visual or a combination of the two. Communication is the bridge between marketers and consumers, and between consumers and their sociological environments.

Communication is defined as the transmission of a message from a sender to a receiver by means of a signal of some sort sent through a channel of some sort.

How the communication message is receivedThe mass audience as individual receivers: A mass audience is simply a great number of individual receiver's, each with his or her own interest, experiences, needs, wants, desires.

Market segmentation strategies divide the total audience into smaller audiences, each of which is homogenous in relation to characteristics relevant to the product. Specific advertising messages can be designed for each segment, and run in the media that appeals to that segment. Each individual thus feels that the message is specifically addressed to his interest and needs.

Multiple audiences: The ultimate success of an organization depends on its ability to persuade many different audiences as the nature of their products or services. Companies with diverse audiences develop an overall communication message to all of their audiences, from which they spin off a series of related messages targeted directly at the specific interest of each individual audience. i.e. The BP opposite advert - winter, summer - black, white - beyond petroleum, BP.

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