The Importance of a Logo and Marketing Materials

The initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes new small business owners to put off designing a logo and marketing materials professionally "until they get a few clients" or "until they get started." Unfortunately, designing their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses instead of having them professionally created will make getting those initial clients more difficult and may result in a business that will not succeed.

Many entrepreneurs choose to design their own marketing materials when they launch their businesses, especially by creating their first business card. Sometimes they will have an amateur designer, friend or relative create the design. There are several reasons why this is not the best idea. An amateur logo design and business card can make your business more likely to fail for a number of reasons:

Your business will not look stable.  It will appear to be more likely to fold or to fail. Clients will not have confidence in doing business with you. Would you do business with someone who seems to be on an unstable footing and who might not be in business by the end of your project or after you have purchased an item?

You will look like a very small business.  Large, successful businesses would never consider doing business without professional, originally designed marketing materials. Using materials that are not professionally designed (i.e., Microsoft or Vistaprint templates) makes your business appear even smaller and could possibly indicate that you cannot perform to or meet the standards required.

You will look unpolished and rough.  Not having a professional "look and feel" could make it appear as though your business does not matter to you. Customers may get the impression that you do not care about the way your business presents itself, which might indicate that you would not care about the quality of your work or the way that your work reflects upon their business.

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Innovative Pocket Media Solutions

The Z card has been around for a long time, but we have innovatived the idea to create a printing method to give marketers an effective solution to reach their target market. The printed media can be of any size or shape with as many folded pages as you want inside it. The size can be as small as a business card and as large as A5 or larger, with an A2 page folded to fit into the card.

The folded page contains a host of information for the reader. When folded, it's small enough to fit into a pocket. A most convenient way to have all the information at the your reader's finger tips.

The advantages of this media are: Generates interest Exceptional postal mailer with personal address and tear off section to reveal the pocket sheet twhich opens up. Effective brand awareness promotion Position your brand in the market Motivate a store visit Close a sale A pleasant surprise with all relevant information Launch a new product Excellent for travel agencies for their cities and countries they promote And many more!

There are many different ways we can design and create the media solution. Star fold that has 4 folds and folds into itself Pop Up: the booklet pops up when open. Flipper booklet with flip pages as you pull out the tab Changer - the image changes as you pull out the tab Custom design to your liking Slider box which slides open to reveal the information sheet Jumping Jax envelope: when open a calendar cube pops open The folded sheet can be in folded in any format

There are numerous combinations of ways of designing the card to promote your product or service.

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Creativity Importance in Advertising

There are many reason why creativity is important in advertising. With good visual effects it will attract the target audience attention that creates interest by establishing feelings of desire to bring about an action to purchase.

It is a pillar to build the marketing mix - personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations and sponsorship.It differentiates the 'me too' products by influencing attitudes and feelings to position the brand in preference above a competitors brand.It provides knowledge thereby stimulates thinkingIt can persuade, be relevant and meaningfulIt facilitates purchase and trialIt creates loyal customersIt transforms boring ads to interesting adsCreative ads achieve objectives

The use of colour in your advert adds to production and placement cost, and has been found to be well-worth the increased costs because of:

Attention - holding power of the ad increases when colour is usedPeople are conditioned to colour stimuliProducts look better - especially foodCreates moodsCreates an image of prestigeGreater message recall

Selecting Colour connotations

Red Passion, action, fire, heat, danger, angerBlue Cool, truth, purity, formality, sadnessGreen Calm, youth, nature, wet, ignorance, immaturityBlack Mystery, mourning, death, elegance, heavinessYellow Light, optimism, cheerfulness, dishonestyOrange Fire, heat, action, harvest, fallWhite Cleanliness, purity, virginitySilver Diffusive, gentle, touching, softBrown Earth, dirty, dull, boring, worthy ,unexciting, uncompromising

Some tips on visuals

Great illustration is vital - only 4 ads per magazine are readPut story appeal into the illustrationIllustration should portray rewardTo attract woman - show woman and babiesTo attract men - show menAvoid historical illustrationsUse photographs rather than drawingsDo not deface illustrationsUse spoken style captionsDon't use too many illustrationsDo not crop important elements

Visual elements of designThe visualisation of the basic theme is extremely important and vital to the success of the advert.

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